How does Nossack handle Food Safety,
Mr. Nossack?

Interview with Karsten Nossack (President Nossack Food Group)

Q: How did you start with Food Safety, 30 years ago, with smaller roots?

KN: The education is brought on from early stages in life going right back to my parents. Food Safety is a must to prevent customers and end users from getting sick. Respect and pride is our professionalism. It is our trade which I learned starting in an Apprenticeship program followed by a Masters Degree and finishing off as an Export Specialist.

Q: How important is Food Safety for the success and stability nowadays?

KN: Food Safety is extremely important when it comes to the success and stability of our company. Manufacturing with Integrity is more than a slogan; it stands for the daily due diligence and pride we take in manufacturing our quality products for consumers like YOU.

Q: Where do you see Food Safety going in the future and how do you see Nossack’s progressing?

KN: Food Safety is the utmost to provide and practice with every processing and manufacturing step. Food Safety is becoming more important than before due to incidents and awareness of consumers. Food Safety will continue on the rise with programs such as GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) which are currently of the highest food safety standards globally.

Food Safety at Nossack Food Group

  • The Nossack Food Group is currently working on achieving the standards of SQF (Safe Quality Food) which is a branch of the GFSI program.
  • We at Nossack focus on Food Safety. As a federally inspected plant (since 1994) we put Food Safety to the forefront where it belongs.
  • Our company success is based on a strong food safety program with consistent product quality and shelf life. We have several programs in our operation to ensure the highest quality and production standards to exceed regulatory requirements and customer’s expectations on value, service, food safety and quality.
  • For our local customers we invested in a refrigerated delivery van to ensure that you get your orders without any interruption to the cold chain.

 food safety at nossack

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