Treasure chest specialties including the Best Famous Beef Jerky in Central Alberta

tc gold

Nossack's Treasure Chest Gold

Cost: $74.95


  • 50125 Beef Jerky 250g
  • 374     Ham Garlic Ring
  • 188     European Style Back Bacon
  • 376     Ukrainian Garlic Ring
  • 380     Hickory Beef Chub
  • 336     Summer Sausage Chub
  • 505     Pepperoni Sticks, medium 500 g
  • 510     Pepperoni Sticks, hot 500 g
  • 10512 Old Country Ham 2 kg
tc silver

Nossack's Treasure Chest Silver

Cost: $48.95


  • 50125 Beef Jerky 250g
  • 374   Ham Garlic Ring
  • 376   Ukrainian Garlic Ring
  • 380   Hickory Beef Chub
  • 505   Pepperoni Sticks, medium 500 g
  • 510   Pepperoni Sticks, hot 500 g
  • 336   Summer Sausage Chub

bronze gift box

Nossack's Gift Box Bronze

Cost: $37.95


  • 15903 Ham, 3lbs
  • 55075 Beef Jerky 80g
  • 505    Pepperoni Sticks, medium 500 g
  • 374    Ham Garlic Ring
  • 376    Ukrainian Garlic Ring

ham gift box

Nossack's HAM Gift Box

Cost: $39.95

Choice of:

  • 10114 Black Forest Ham, 4kg/bx
  • 10514 Old Country Ham, 4kg/bx
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