Fundraising in Central Alberta and Red Deer with Nossack Food Group

Four Reasons to FUNdraise with us!

It's Super Easy

Instead of convincing people to add to their waistlines, you're offering healthy household grocery items they'd be purchasing elsewhere anyway! With set items and sell prices, this is an easily repeatable program that your supporters will eagerly await every year.

Everything is Local

People are purchasing locally produced meats & foods; not only are you showing your support for your community, but you're helping to stimulate the local economy.

Profit is guaranteed

No more losing money on unsold product. All transactions are COD (Cash on Delivery). No pressure in selling or losing pre-purchased products.  

We're experienced

We've been doing this for a while - the FUNdraising Red Deer project has come together through twenty years of experience. We know how to best support you in your fundraising drive, making this a great option for first timers!

We bring the FUN 2 FUNdraising events in Central Alberta

Door-to-door fundraising is a popular route for sports teams, charities and community groups; you probably know someone who's still trying to sell off that one last case of chocolates.

Nossack Fine Meats offers a fresh, delicious alternative to door-to-door fundraising. Instead of carrying product from place to place, teams, charities and groups can offer supporters a wide variety of meats and food products to choose from. Not only do supporters get fresh locally produced groceries, fundraisers only have to purchase and deliver the orders actually filled! No more lugging unsold product back home or paying out of pocket to cover expenses.

For the past 20 years, Nossack's has been helping local sports teams, community groups, charities and other organizations achieve their Red Deer fundraising goals. As a local family owned and operated company, we are proud to provide new and exciting ideas to reach these goals! Step up with “FUN 2 FUNDRAISING” and chose from our tasty, nutritious food products. Make a difference and chose a perfect alternative to selling chocolates, candies or popcorn.

How it works:

Once you get in touch with us, we'll help you every step of the way with our experience based knowledge. We'll provide you with a master product sheet with the cost and suggested selling price for each item, and an ordering sheet for your group to utilize.

Set your goals and cutoff date (max 2-3 weeks), then send out your crews to collect product orders and monies. Once everyone has their sheets back in to your coordinator, fill out the total numbers of each item. Nossack's will fill your order, which you then pick up and distribute according to your orders.

Note: It typically takes 2-3 weeks for orders to be available for delivery after confirmation. Full payment is due upon pickup; please make out one cheque to Nossack Fine Meats.

Contact us for more fundraising event information in Central Alberta and fill out an application today!