POS Sheets

Nossack Farms

Download any of our POS sheets for the Nossack Farms product line.

Nossack FarmsNossack Farms Specialties

These flavourful meats are great for any occasion, whether on the BBBQ or snack ideas. Serve them hot or cold; they'll always be a hit!

Nossack FarmsBison Roller Grill Smokies

These smokies are naturally high in protein and processed to be lower in sodium than traditional roller products, and they're delicious to boot!

Quick Comforts

Download any of our POS sheets for the Quick Comforts product line.

Quick ComfortsGourmet Specialties

Gourmet Specialties are delectable products from our Quick Comforts Line, made without a pastry shell (except Cornish Pasty). They can be served as snacks, lunch or dinner in your home, in restaurants or hospitals.

Quick ComfortsRolls

Baked Sausage Rolls are a delicious ‘Quick Comfort’ that can be enjoyed any time of day. Pair it with any sauce (BBQ sauce, mustard) or combine with a soup, salad or vegetables, for a quick, filling meal in minutes.

Quick ComfortsPies

Our pies can be served for lunch, dinner or as a nice ‘warm up’ on a cold day! They can be served right side up or flipped over, add a fresh salad and you have a complete meal in minutes.

Quick ComfortsQuiches

Quiche is wonderful for breakfast, brunch or a nice light lunch. Can be served alone, or with a sour cream dip with fresh herbs, Greek yogurt dip, or pair it with a salad for a complete meal. Real men eat quiche!

Nossack Fine Meats

Download any of our POS sheets for the Fine Meats product line, including our Halal Products.